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Submission of manuscripts



Guidelines for contributors


Manual of Style of Gardens & Landscapes of Portugal journal

Please read these Guidelines with care and attention: failure to follow them may result in your paper being delayed.

 Manuscript preparation

The article should have up to 4500 words and should be presented in Times New Roman, size 12 and space 1,5 between lines.

A text or essay on projects – landscape architecture projects, historical gardens restoration, research projects – should have up to 2500 words and should be presented in Times New Roman, size 12 and space 1,5 between lines.

A review should have up to 750 words and should be presented in Times New Roman, size 12 and space 1,5 between lines.

Figures and Illustrations copyright permission

As an author, you are required to secure permission if you want to reproduce any image. It is the author’s responsibility to guarantee the authorization to publish images and to support any costs related with this issue. For further information and FAQs, please see

 Reference Citations

Gardens & Landscapes of Portugal uses the following conventions for references:

Cite references in the text with author name; year of publication and page number in parentheses (Harvard system):

One author – (Araújo 1962: 19)

Two authors – (Franco and Gomes 2008: 145)

Three authors or more – (Rodrigues et al. 2009: 74)

Correct Citation at the Reference List:

Type of citation

Correct citation

Book (One author)

GOTHEIN, Maria Luise (1966), A History of Garden Art from the earliest times to the present day in two volumes, New York: Hacker Art Books.

Book (Two authors)

CARITA, Hélder and CARDOSO, Homem (1990), Tratado da Grandeza dos Jardins em Portugal ou da originalidade e desaires desta arte, Lisboa: Círculo de Leitores.

Book (Three or more authors)

RODRIGUES et al. (2009), Quinta Real de Caxias. História. Conservação. Restauro, Caxias: Câmara Municipal de Oeiras.

Book (One editor or coordinator)

CASTEL-BRANCO, Cristina, ed. (2010), A água nos jardins portugueses, Lisboa: Scribe.


Book (Two editors or coordinators)

ACCIAIUOLI and RODRIGUES, coord. (2012), Arte & Viagem, Lisboa: IHA

Book (Three editors or more)

MOSSER, Monique et al, ed. (2004), Les éléments et les métamorphoses de la nature. Imaginaire et symbolique des arts dans la culture européenne du XVIe au XVIIIe siècle, Paris: William Blake & Co / Art & Arts.

Book Online

D'ARGENVILLE, Antoine-Joseph Dezallier, La theorie et la pratique du jardinage (1760), Paris: Charles-Antoine Jombert, WWW:<URL:


NETO, Maria João Baptista and GRILO, Fernando (2005), “A obra do escultor inglês John Cheere para os jardins do Palácio de Queluz. Novos contributos documentais”, Património e Estudos, Lisboa: I.P.P.A.R. – Departamento de Estudos, pp. 81-92.

Article Online

OGIVILDE, Brian W. (2003), « The Many Books of Nature: Renaissance Naturalists and Information Overload», Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol.64, Nº1, 2003, pp. 29-40.

Master Thesis

ANJOS, Marta do Vale (2006), A estatuária de pedra dos jardins do Palácio Nacional de Queluz: formas de degradação, enquadramento, tratamentos e avaliação, Master Thesis on Architectural and Landscape Heritage Restoration presented to the University of Évora, Évora.

PhD Thesis

CARAPINHA, Aurora (1995), Da essência do Jardim Português, PhD Thesis on Landscape Architecture presented to the University of Évora, Évora.





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